Photographs of Central Wellington taken with a Canon AE1 on 35mm Ilford HP5 film in early 2021.

“Memorials aren’t memories, they don’t just appear. They have motives and they are put there for a reason.”

Let me talk about power for a moment; because there is something on my chest.

It is a large stone statue on Symonds Street which I walk past most days, a twelve-foot obelisk to which a bare-breasted woman extends a palm leaf in her right hand.

The woman is ‘Zealandia’, the apparent personification of New Zealand. You may recognise her as the blonde woman draped in white on the left-hand side of our Coat of Arms.

The statue of Zealandia on Auckland’s Symonds Street

The statue is dedicated to the “brave men of the Imperial and Colonial forces and the friendly Maoris” who died fighting in the New…

Today the longest bull market in New Zealand history came quietly to an end.

It happened quietly because it was reported to have happened last week, although that declaration was too hasty, the bull technically still kicking.

It is completely arbitrary, but a bull market officially ends when the share market closes 20 percent lower than its most recent high. While the NZX 50 dipped below this mark during Friday, it closed only 19.5 percent off.

It was close enough to be a rounding error, so the headlines declaring the bull’s death ran on Friday. An early version of my…

Every election is important, although some more than others. The election announced last week for September 19 is not set to be an unusually significant one.

The polls are close, but the safer bet is in on the crowd-favourite Prime Minister winning a second term with a coalition that could include any combination of the minor parties — including the possibility of a resurgent Māori Party.

I have started
a blog
on the
worldwide web

one which
you were probably
I wouldn’t

Forgive me
it seemed valid
so salient
and so easy

By Daniel Brunskill

50+ street car enthusiasts meet in a Greenlane carpark. PHOTO: Daniel Brunskill

“Nah, we don’t really do burnouts,” a man in his early twenties sitting in the passenger seat of a Japanese import says. “We mostly just cruise around…”

His voice trails off as it is drowned out by the sound of screeching tyres and the smell of burning rubber. 30+ cars queue up for a turn to shred their tyres in an industrial cul-de-sac in Avondale.

A car loses its bumper during burnouts in Avondale. VIDEO: Daniel Brunskill

This street car meet started in a carpark outside Greenlane McDonalds over an hour earlier. Almost every weekend 50–100 car…

Daniel Brunskill

Photographer & Journalist.

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